What We Do

We are here for the eCommerce Revolution. If you feel you are constrained by logistics and procurement bottlenecks in Asia and your website is not taking off, or if your sales is simply plateauing, let us know -- we can help. 

Our three lines of revenue:
1. Multi-channel cross-border eCommerce sales;
2. Software consulting;
3. Optimized global freight-forwarding. 

Consolidated Procurement in Asia

With some of the world's leading eCom websites in our clients list, some of whom NASDAQ/NYSE-listed, we have massive purchasing power to negotiate with your major suppliers in Asia, and world's largest logistics, 3PL, 4PL and freight-forwarding companies. 

Personalized Concierge Service

For each client, we design a customized concierge package to help you streamline procurement, global logistics, cross-border risk mitigation, customs clearance and hedging with currency swaps.

Industry verticals
  • IT & Telecom

  • Communications & Entertainment

  • Marketing & Communications

  • ​Financial & Professional Services

  • Architecture

  • Design & Engineering 

  • CPG (consumer-packaged goods)

  • Energy

  • Resources & Infrastructure

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